Tumalo Creek

For a fun showshoe outing that's free, try trekking along Tumalo Creek. The north side of the creek follows the road out to Tumalo Falls (gated in the winter), but we chose to head west on the south side of the creek.




Snowshoe Tumalo Falls



A friend who knew the area broke trail taking us along a ridge overlooking Tumalo Creek. On our way back, we stayed close to the creek. To make it even more exciting, it began snowing before we reached our vehicles.



Tumalo Creek Sleding

There's more than one way to head downhill on snowshoes!




In the falling snow, the ridge across the valley looked ghostly in appearance.       

Snowshoe Tumalo Creek



Tumalo Trail

Gary and I ventured back to Tumalo Creek a little later in the winter. We were curious to know what Tumalo Falls looked like in the snow and ice. There were snow-shoe tracks that day, but with all the foot traffic, the road from the gate is easy to walk in hiking boots.



Tumalo Falls


Tumalo Falls was just a whispy version of its  normal intensity. We were the only visitors ... so we put our camera on auto-shoot and caught a few snowflakes in motion.



Elevation: 4,950 feet

Trail distance: 4.8 miles round trip from the Tumalo Creek bridge to the falls

Rated: Easy

Latitude: 44.03417

Longitude: 121.56611

Directions: From Bend, travel west on Skyliners Road for 10 miles until it ends at the Tumalo Creek bridge just past the science center. Roadside parking allowed.

Fees: No fee.